Information letter about the Summer Orchestral Session Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia, France and Japan

City Hall City of Togliatti

Togliatti Philharmonic

Non- Profit Partnership «The Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Volga Region»

Governmental organization «Alliance Francaise Togliatti»

with the assistance of

Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region

International Charitable Fundation of Vladimir Spivakov

Announcing  the opening of the summer session of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Russia, France and Japan

Dates: from 5 to 25 August, 2013.

The orchestral session will take place in the city of Togliatti, Samara Region, Russian Federation.

The schedule of the session of the Youth Symphony Orchestra :

5-20 August — Orchestra Rehearsals.

August 21-24 — Symphonic Concerts

Participants should arrive to Togliatti no later than August 5, 2013, and depart from Togliatti not earlier then August 25, 2013

The orchestral session will take place within the festival entitled «Classic OPEN FEST».

All participants are welcome to participate in the chamber music concerts on 8, 12, 14, 16 of August.

Musicians are welcome to play recitals and chamber music concerts from the beginning of the session — duets, trios, quartets, quintets and other chamber ensembles.

One of the concerts will be dedicated to quartet music (compositions and ensembles can be offered to selected participants after the competition in the orchestra).

Accompanist for solo performances will be provided.

Live performances: Tolyatti, Samara, Samara region of

The orchestral program is planned to include symphonic works by Russian, French, Japanese composers, and Western European composers.

Obligatory pieces of the program:

Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano, or.56. Beethoven: Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin, and Cello in C major, Op. 56

Soloists will be selected from among the participants of the orchestral session: everyone can be a candidate and can apply for this concert performance. In order to apply the candidate should send the recording of the piece.

Prerequisite: soloists for performance of the Beethoven’s Triple Concerto should take part in all the rehearsals and performances of the entire program of the orchestra during the session.

Artistic director and chief conductor of the Youth Symphony Orchestra — Anatoly Levin, Honored Artist of Russia, Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory. named after P.I. Tchaikovsky

There will be a professional artistic coaching during the orchestral session. The artistic coaches are famous musicians from the leading Russian orchestras.

The session may include a participation of the young conductors of Russia, France, and Japan.

Orchestral forces:

Violins 1 — 14

Violins 2 — 12

Viola — 10

Cellos — 10

Basses — 6

Flute — 3 (including piccolo)

Oboes — 2

English Horn — 1

Clarinets — 3

Bassoons — 3

Trumpets — 3

Horns — 5

Trombones — 3

Tuba — 1

Percussion — 3

Keyboards — 2

Harp — 1

Young musicians aged 18 to 28 y/o are invited to participate in the orchestral session:

— The participants should be professionally trained musicians: students and alumni of conservatories, music academies and music colleges of Russia, France, Japan, and other countries

— Young artists and professional soloists (Philharmonic) Orchestra of Russia, France, Japan and other countries are invited to apply as well.

Schedule of the rehearsals:

Daily from 10 am to 13.30 pm and from 15 to 18.30 hours, including group rehearsal

(If necessary, the time schedule, the number of rehearsal hours may vary.)

Selection process:

To participate in the primary round the candidate needs to provide a completed application form (on-line-application can also be sent from the site:, as well as a video recording. (Applications are accepted through May 15th, 2013)

The recording can be placed on the Internet and shared via web link.

The results of the selection process will be announced no later than May 25, 2013 on the website, as well as sent to participants by e-mail.

Selected candidates will be required to confirm their participation before 01 June 2013.

Program of the primary round:

Orchestral program of the session (the specific rehearsal numbers are listed below for each instrument)

The piece of the performer’s choice that best demonstrates his/her professional abilities.

Selection criteria: technical fluidity, the quality of sound, purity of intonation and rhythm.

for Wind Instruments: Please indicate if you are able to play on an additional instrument (bass clarinet, Eb clarinet, flute, piccolo, corn anglais, contrabassoon, etc.). You do not need to prepare a separate piece for your primary round the small orchestral fragment would be enough.

Application-questionnaire should be completed by all the applicants. The application must specify: 

1.Family name, first name.

2.Date of birth.

3. Address (region, city, street, house, apartment), home phone number (including area code), mobile phone, е-mail, skype

4.Passport number, issuing authority, date of issue, period of validity of the passport. Copies of the documents must be submitted in digital format and sent by e-mail, for Russian passports — required scanned the second and third pages.

5. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and certificate of insurance compulsory pension insurance: number, date of registration (for Russian participants).

6.Professional data:

— instrument, name of your teacher (including the title)

— Institution (the name)

— year of study

— address of the institution

— Name of the dean of the institution (in detail, including the title)

7.Extra data: specifics of the health issues of the candidate (diet, chronic diseases, dietary)

8.Artistic achievements (competitions, festivals)

9.Program of qualifying (primary) round (video, CD or DVD ):

— two contrasting works

10.Program for participation in chamber music concerts (by the participant):


11. Please specify if you have an experience in playing chamber music, in chamber and symphony orchestras (list the name of the orchestras and concert programs): ________________________________________________

12. Knowledge of foreign languages

Native language: ________________

Foreign languages (please check):

— Russian 
 — English 
 — German 
 — French

— Japanese 
 — other language (please indicate): _______________

13. 2-3 Attach photos in digital form:

— For use in documents, face full face (portrait), not less than 5×6 cm

— Artistic photo, no smaller than 10×15 cm, with a musical instrument, for use in magazines and booklets.

Conditions of participation: 
 Compensation for rehearsals and concert performances is not provided, all the participants of the orchestral session will be provided with accommodations and meals at a hotel in the city of Togliatti.

There is no fee for participation in the primary round.

The organization reserve the right to use, publish, and replicate the video and audio recordings of performances in concerts and festival session without written notice.

The organizers undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the participants.


— participants from Russia are paid for travel to and from the orchestral session (directions and means of transport can be discussed with the organization).

— Participants from France and Japan are paid for the trip Paris-Moscow-Samara, Tokyo-Moscow-Samara (roundtrip).

— Participants from other countries then Russia, France and Japan are not compensated for their travel expenses

— All travels of the Orchestra during the session shall be covered by the organizers.

Documents and applications should be sent to the address:

On-line-application can also be sent from the website:

Contact person for inquiries:

Lidia Semenova,

Komleva Arina,

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